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When we first started our sweetgreen in schools program, we dreamt about being able to teach children across all of our communities about healthy eating, nutrition, and sustainability. Today, we are excited to announce that we are partnering with FoodCorps to help make this dream a reality!

FoodCorps is a national nonprofit service organization that shares our goal of educating children about healthy eating and where their food comes from. By joining forces, we will be able to bring sweetgreen in schools with us wherever we go.

This partnership also means that FoodCorps will become our official charity partner for 2014 - 2015 and receive 1% of all purchases made with the sweetgreen rewards app. Similarly, we will work with FoodCorps to select a ‘pay what you want’ local beneficiary to receive 100% of proceeds from opening day at all future sweetgreen locations.

Thank you to all of our friends, family, and guests for supporting our sweetgreen in schools initiative over the years. We are excited about this next chapter and can’t wait to share more good news with everyone as the program expands!

From our annual sweetlife festival to our love of veggie rap puns to the playlists we curate in our stores, music is part of sweetgreen’s DNA. As this infographic shows, it even plays a role in our sweetgreen in schools curriculum! 

This month, in addition to teaching students about the health benefits of music, we challenged them to create a rap about what they have learned so far. See a few of our favorite lyrics below and feel free to share your own. Who knows – the best lines might even become our next t-shirt design!

"Healthy plants help us grow,

fruits and veggies help our brains know

the stems, roots, and leaves are part of a flower

when you eat fruits you gain lots of power.”

"Composting helps the land

so give the earth a helping hand

recycling helps us make new things

healthy soil makes earthworms sing

run across the ground and sow

to help us make things grow.”

Our sweetgreen in schools curriculum extends beyond the basics of healthy eating and nutrition. Our program also teaches local students how to protect the environment and the communities that they live in.

This month’s lesson was about composting, which is a process of turning unused food and materials into nutrient-rich soil. Last year, in collaboration with our partner Fat Worm, sweetgreen composted over 340,000 pounds of leftover food, kitchen waste, and used utensils!

Can you make a healthier salad than a fourth grader? 

To kick off the new year, we challenged students in our sweetgreen in schools program to use local produce to create a nutritious salad that was seasonal, colorful, and healthful. Check out the infographic above for some inspiration and tips adapted from our sweetgreen in schools curriculum!

This December, students in our sweetgreen in schools program will be learning about the importance of eating locally and seasonally.

Sourcing seasonal produce from farmers we know has always been an essential part of our mission. Check out the infographic above to learn some fun facts about seasonal produce, and watch our meet the farmer video series to find out more about where your food comes from.

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This month students in our sweetgreen in schools program are learning about what it means to be a “defender of wellness.” Defenders of wellness eat well, maintain an active lifestyle, and share tips with family and friends on how to eat and live healthfully.  Check out the graphic above for tips on how you can be a defender of wellness and spread the health.

Need a new activity to do with your friends? Sign up for sweetgreen passport to receive exclusive access to fitness classes around your city. Or, start a supper club and cook your way through delicious and healthful recipes like crispy kale.  

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As our name suggests, we love our greens - but we’re also big fans of other colored fruits and vegetables. A food’s color often indicates the types of nutrients and vitamins that are found inside. To ensure a balanced, nutrient-rich diet, it’s best to “eat the rainbow” and fill your plate (or bowl) with as many colors as possible!

For the past 3 years, sweetgreen has collaborated with the DC Farm to School Network to provide interactive classes about healthy eating to elementary school children in the DC public school system. The sweetgreen in schools program gives students an opportunity to learn about where their food comes from, and helps them make informed decisions about the food they eat.  Each month we will share the key takeaways from our lesson plans because healthy eating isn’t just for kids!